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July 2018:
After (nearly) a month of trying to sort things out with Twitter, I'm happy to announce that my account is back.

Things should be back to normal now.

29 June 2018:
For some reason, Twitter locked my account (maybe due to GDPR compliance, but I'm not sure at the moment). I am currently trying to reach out to Twitter to rectify the matter. If my account can't be reinstated, I will have no choice but to start over.

In the meantime, you can use the other available links on this site to reach me.

I'll keep you posted as this situation progresses. Check back soon.

20 July:
After (nearly) 3 weeks, I still haven't got my account back. I'll be using the (defunct) RDC Photography Twitter account (link removed) for any new updates. Once I get my old account back, I'll be shutting that account down for good.